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Partition migration and resettlement - The experience of women Bengal 1947-1964

Tista Das
University of Calcutta

Rural Women’s Power in South Asia: Understanding Shakti

Pashington Obeng
‎Palgrave Macmillan

The Violence of Memory: Renarrating Partition Violence in Shauna Singh Baldwin's What the Body Remembers

Deepti Misri
Meridians, Duke University Press

This article explores how Shauna Singh Baldwin's novel What the Body Remembers builds on Partition feminist historiography in order to exhume and retell the story of family violence against women during India's Partition, intended to “save their honor” from rioting mobs. While feminist historiographies have restored Partition survivors' memories of violence to the historical archive, Baldwin's novel explicitly foregrounds the role of gendered bodies in and as the archive of communal memories of violence.

Daughters of Mother India in Search of a Nation: Women's Narratives about the Nation

Jasbir Jain
Economic and Political Weekly

The image of "Mother India" has often been used to represent the nation, but within this image the relationship of women to the nation does not find a place. The question of where a woman belongs is one that has many answers but these are hardly ever related to nationhood. This article looks at how nation and nationhood have been defined in women's writings in India. It attempts to explore this through two main themes: first, narratives of partition, specifically those written by women across the border and second, the dominant perceptions reflected in women's writings.

Communalism and Women's Writing in Independent India

Nikhila H.
Scholars' Press

Femininity, Crime and Self-Defence in Victorian Literature and Society: From Dagger-Fans to Suffragettes

E. Godfrey
Palgrave Macmillan

Communalism and Sexual Violence in India: The Politics of Gender, Ethnicity and Conflict

Megha Kumar
I.B. Tauris

Between Agency and Victimhood: Remembering Women in South Asian Partition Narrative

Sayma Khan
WVT, Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier

Gender and Violence in Historical and Contemporary Perspectives: Situating India

Jyoti Atwal
Iris Flessenkämper
Routledge India