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The Golden Sparrow

Ashok Malhotra
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From Amazon.com: This story is an exquisite rendition of the culture, spirituality and politics of an ancient land–India–once known as The Golden Sparrow. During the British rule in India, Surinder Mehra, a professor of English literature and his wife, Kamla, live in Lahore with their two sons. In 1947, the British decide to partition India into two countries–India and Pakistan. Pakistan is formed as an Islamic country and India as a secular country. Due to the centuries old religious and social tensions between Hindus and Muslims, riots breakout between the two communities resulting in the massacre of hundreds of thousands of people. About 10 million people on both sides change countries as refugees. After facing some terrifying nights during the riots, the Mehra family, being Hindus, moves to India as refugees and settles down in Delhi in makeshift quarters. With faith in God, they rise from the ashes of the partition of the country. They adopt a baby girl, Suneeta–one of many left orphaned as a result of the riots. Two years later, a Muslim couple shows up and claims her as their daughter; the Mehras are emotionally devastated. What follows is the conquest of human spirit over fear and despair.