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Shackles of Independence: A Memoir of an Unknown Indian

Prasanta Sarkar
Xlibris Corp.
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From Amazon: "Born near Calcutta, Prasanta Sarkar, a geoscientist, witnessed a large part of the world's socio-political turmoil, from the World War II, to India's independence, the Partition, the formation of Bangladesh and the Naxalite movement first-hand. In this memoir he brings to us a vivid account of how these world changes affected him and others as common citizens. Sarkar was inspired to write his first memoir with certain objectives in mind: He realized that his children and grandchildren, who grew up and/or growing up immersed in English and French in a 'free' Western world, may need to understand where they came from one day. Secondly, he wanted to inform the details of history to the 21st-century youth of India living in an e-age revolution, and may have been distanced from the evolutional history of the country they inherited. Thirdly, for foreign readers interested to know about intricate personal details of historically-enriched foreign cultures, particularly of Bengal, which rose in fame from 1820's to 1960 due to the 'Bengal Renaissance.'"