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The Theme of Partition in Indian English Novels: A Select Study

Lohit Kumar Ray
LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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From Amazon: "The book presents a thematic study of the Indian English novels written on the theme of partition of the Indian subcontinent that took place in 1947. The intention here is to examine the traumatic experience of the partition and its effect on the human beings. It analyzes also causes of the fateful decision of the partition that forced the millions of people to migrate and face the barbarity of the communal frenzy which results the numerous atrocities, rapes, abductions and violence. It attempts to bring out a record how human disaster and the pitiable condition have been taken place during the gruesome period of the partition.The book covers Chaman Nahal’s Azadi (1975) and Khushwant Singh’s Train to Pakistan (1956), who occupies an important place in Indian English novels. Both Chaman Nahal and Khushwant Singh are known for their outstanding creation of Indian fictions which based on the theme of partition. The book will certainly help the students of Indian Writing in English and for those who are interested in Indian history."