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Social Conflict and Political Unrest in Bengal, 1875-1927

Ray, Rajat Kanta
Oxford UP
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Amazon.com: "In studying the social, political, and economic history of Bengal during 50 critical years, this book unravels the complex relationship between imperialism and nationalism in Calcutta and its hinterland. Here, Ray analyzes both the long-term goals and short-term parochial preoccupations of Bengali nationalists in their struggle against imperialism. He examines how well the Bengalis fared on the all-India platform, how and why Bengali nationalism became divided within the region, and the movement's ability to penetrate from elite Calcutta to the grassroots of provincial Bengali society. Throughout, Ray effectively demonstrates that the dynamics of political change in Bengal lay in the increasing conflict between the European commercial and administrative elite and the Indian business and professional groups before, during and after World War I."