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First Person Accounts

South Asia Citizens Web: Linking Dissent in South Asia and Beyond since 1998


The South Asian Citizens Web “aims to promote dialogue and information exchange between and about South Asian citizens initiatives.” It features resources and articles on the 1947 Partition of India.

1947: The Year of Partition


This website provides first-hand accounts of people’s own experiences and memories of partition. It also provides reflections on the actions of political leaders during partition.

Towards Freedom


Towards Freedom is a historical web archive "dedicated solely to the purpose of learning re-search the history of India's struggle for Freedom from the yoke of imperialism." It features biographies of prominent leaders of the independence movement, photos, descriptions of individual movements, and a large pool of resources pertaining to Indian Independence.

India of the Past: Preserving Memories of India and Indians

Subodh Mathur

This website is "preserving memories of India and Indians." It features written interviews, exposing the personal stories of people's first-hand experiences during important times of Indian History.

Through My Eyes: Stories of Conflict, Belonging & Identity

Imperial War Museum Trading Company Ltd.

Summary: Through My Eyes is an online exhibition created by the Imperial War Museum. It features personal stories of war, conflict, belonging, and identity from the Indian Partition and other historical contexts.

The Division of Hearts

January, 1987
Satti Khanna & Peter Chappell