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Wavell and the Dying Days of the Raj: Britain's Penultimate Viceroy in India

Mohammad Iqbal Chawla
Oxford University Press

The Longest August: The Unflinching Rivalry Between India and Pakistan

Dilip Hiro
Nation Books

Manas: History and Politics, Constitution of India

Vinay Lal

From website: "This site aims at offering a scholarly yet readable narrative of some aspects of Indian history, politics, culture, and religion. It does not in the least aspire to be comprehensive, an objective that at any rate cannot be achieved, and subjects, personalities, and themes have been chosen for exploration and interpretation because they interest the creator of the site, though often they are of intrinsic importance in understanding the history and evolution of Indian civilization."

Bangla Stories

Dr. Claire Alexander
Dr. Joya Chatterji
Shahzad Firoz
Dr. Annu Jalais
LSE/Runnymede Trust

From website: "Our stories of migration came out of a three- year London School of Economics/University of Cambridge project. They’re told by people who left Bengal after Independence in 1947 when the state was divided into West Bengal and East Pakistan (later Bangladesh). These are stories of people who left behind home and family, people who crossed new borders and travelled overseas, people who made new lives."

India/Pakistan: Indian Independence and the Question of Partition

The Choices Program

The Choices Program is a non-profit organization based at Brown University that develops curricula on current and historical international issues. Course materials place special emphasis on the importance of educating students in their participatory role as citizens. This particular curriculum focuses on Indian Independence and the Partition of 1947.

Pakistan's Bleeding Wounds: Fatal British Conspiracy

Mian Allah Nawaz
Allied Book Company

Truth is Truth: A Rejoinder to Abdul Wali Khan

Ikram Ali Malik
Book Services

Living Among the Believers: Stories from the Holy Land Down the Ganges

Sachi G. Dastidar
Firma KLM Private Limited

Muslims and Indian Nationalism: The Emergence of the Demand for India's Partition, 1928-40

Uma Kaura
South Asia Books

Scoop! : Inside Stories from Partition to the Present

Kuldip Nayar