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"Partition of India and the refugee resettlement in West Dinajpur district (1947-2011): A historical study"

Chhotan Basak
History Journal

The objective of this study were to determine the existing conditions of the refugees in the West Dinajpur district in West Bengal, India, and their grievances towards the central and state government of India and the demographic change which had a severe impact on the society and economy of West Dinajpur District from 1947-2011. The other objectives of this study are as follows. To study the history of refugee resettlement programme in West Dinajpur. To asses the origin of the Refugee problem, it’s nature, characteristics and development.

Contesting refugeehood: squatting as survival in post-partition Calcutta

Romola Sanyal
Taylor and Francis Online

In the aftermath of conflicts, refugees are often treated as helpless victims of trauma in need of international aid and intervention. Refugees can and do however move beyond the culture of dependency to create sustainable existences within their new environments. While much attention is given to the politics of displacement, humanitarian intervention and human rights of refugees, little is written about the ways in which refugees actually live, particularly those who have chosen to settle themselves rather than allow outside powers to intervene in their settlement choices.

Partition migration and resettlement - The experience of women Bengal 1947-1964

Tista Das
University of Calcutta

Since 1947: Partition Narratives Among Punjabi Migrants of Delhi

Ravinder Kaur
Oxford University Press