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Kashmir in the Aftermath of Partition

Shahla Hussain
Cambridge University Press

“An Inglorious End To A Glorious Adventure”

Irfan Waheed Usmani
The Historian July-December 2008 (Vol. 6, No. 2)

This paper analyses the background of the Kargil operation along with highlighting the significant developments in Kargil (mis)adventure, which serves as a most glaring example of inconsistency in Pakistan's Kashmir policy. It played a central role in the derailment of Lahore peace process, it was also indicative of the dominance of hawkish elements over doves with respect to Pakistan's Kashmir policy. Failure of Pakistan’s hawkish policy makers to withstand international pressure is evident from the retreat of Pakistani Mujahideen from Kargil.

Bleeding Wound: Analyzing Pakistan’s Kashmir Policy

Irfan Waheed Usmani
The Historian January-June 2009 (Volume 7, Number 1)

This article analyses Pakistan’s Kashmir policy from1989 to 1995. This period constitutes a new phase inPakistan’s Kashmir policy as it was synchronized with the resurgence of Kashmiri resistancemovement. During the previous two decades Kashmir issue was overlooked because Pakistan wasentangled with many other problems, ranging fromcrisis in East Pakistan to the problems arising fromthe Soviet intervention in Afghanistan. Therefore,Pakistan was providing only lip service by placingrhetorical emphasis on the UN’s resolutionconcerning Kashmir.

Historicizing Pakistan’s Kashmir Policy

Irfan Waheed Usmani
The Historian, Volume 3 July-December 2005 Number 2

This article makes an historical analysis of Pakistani Kashmir policy between 1947-88. Besides providing a synoptic view of the Kashmir policies, pursued by various regimes in Pakistan both civilian and military also provides a thorough insight into all the major developments concerning Kashmir dispute as well as the responses of Pakistani governments’ visà- vis these developments. It contextualizes these main planks of Pakistan’s Kashmir policy by situating historical factors which invariably shaped its main contours.

Imagining Kashmir: Emplotment and Colonialism

Patrick Colm Hogan
University of Nebraska Press

Our Moon Has Blood Clots: The Exodus of the Kashmiri Pandits

Rahul Pandita
Random House India

Kashmir: Behind the Vale

M J Akbar
Roli Books Pvt Ltd

Nehru: A Contemporary's Estimate

Walter Crocker
Ramachandra Guha (foreword)
Vintage Books/Random House India

"India: a people partitioned" (BBC Radio Documentaries)

Andrew Whitehead

From Website: " In 1997, after four years as a BBC correspondent based in Delhi, I had the enviable opportunity of making a radio series for the BBC World Service to mark the fiftieth anniversary of India's and Pakistan's independence. India: a people partitioned sought to be a social history of Partition: not about the high politics of independence, nor about the British Raj and those who upheld it, but about the lived experience of the millions who were caught up in the Partition whirlwind.

A Mission in Kashmir

Andrew Whitehead
Penguin Group USA