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Child of the Divide

Sudha Bhuchar
Bloomsbury Methuen Drama
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From Amazon.com: An emotionally charged story of love and loss set during India's partition. When his fingers slip away from his father's hand, one boy's destiny changes forever. In the chaos of border crossing between India and the newly formed Pakistan, a small boy called Pali suddenly finds himself lost and alone. Taken in to a Muslim family he is given a new name, and a new faith - Islam. In his changed world, he learns to find love and forge friendships in the most unexpected of places. Seven years later when fate reunites him with his Hindu roots; he must decide if he is the boy he was born, the boy he has been brought up to be, or simply a Child of the Divide. Child of the Divide by Sudha Bhuchar, produced by Tamasha Theatre Company and Polka Theatre, premiered on 5 May 2006 at Polka Theatre, Wimbledon, London.