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Translating Partition: Essays, Stories, Criticism

Tarun K. Saint
Attia Hosain
Bhisham Sahni
Sa'adat Hasan Manto
Joginder Paul
Kamleshwar and Surendra Prakash
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From Amazon.com: The best literature that emerged in the wake of Partition bears the imprint of the struggle to grapple with pain and suffering on a scale that was unprecedented in South Asia. This collection brings together some of the writings, in Hindi and Urdu, that have stood the test of time moving beyond simply attempting to record what was incomprehensible. The stories and essays look at Partition from the perspective of displaced people and communities, and from those who continued to stay on the "wrong" side of the borders. The collection includes stories by Attia Hosain, Bhisham Sahni, Sa'adat Hasan Manto, Joginder Paul and Kamleshwar and Surendra Prakash, plus essays and criticisms by scholars and academics.