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Pool of Life: The Autobiography of a Punjabi Agony Aunt

Kailash Puri
Elanor Nesbitt
Sussex Academic Press,
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From Google Books: "This life story of Kailash Puri, a Punjabi author and advice columnist, connects the narrative of her life to the history of Punjabi diaspora and themes in Sikh studies. Beginning with her memories of childhood in West Punjab, the work evokes the rural customs and religious practices consistent with recent scholarship on Punjabi religion rather than with the currently dominant Sikh discourse of a religion sharply distinguished from Hindu society. An arranged marriage at the age of 15 to scientist Gopal Puri brought Kailash ever-widening horizons as they moved from India to London. Through such life experiences, and with her husband's constant encouragement, Kailash gained the confidence to begin writing and publishing numerous stories and articles. As her name recognition grew, those in distress began writing this "agony aunt" for advice and the descriptive narrative of her responses and advice and increasingly public profile provides insight into Sikhs' experience in their adopted country. An engaging look at the full life of a Sikh woman, this autobiography will be loved by anyone with an interest in Sikhism and the integration into western society."