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"India: a people partitioned" (BBC Radio Documentaries)

From Website: " In 1997, after four years as a BBC correspondent based in Delhi, I had the enviable opportunity of making a radio series for the BBC World Service to mark the fiftieth anniversary of India's and Pakistan's independence. India: a people partitioned sought to be a social history of Partition: not about the high politics of independence, nor about the British Raj and those who upheld it, but about the lived experience of the millions who were caught up in the Partition whirlwind.

It was a huge undertaking - Zina Rohan produced the series, Anuradha Awasthi was the researcher, and I relied hugely on the help and expertise of colleagues including Nazes Afroz, Ram Dutt Tripathi, Mazhar Zaidi, Zaffar Abbas, Altaf Hussain, Bisakha Ghose and many others.

The series won an award at the New York Festival, and propelled me towards researching and writing a book about the origins of the Kashmir crisis in 1947, A Mission in Kashmir. The tapes and partial transcripts of the scores of interviews across South Asia conducted for the series have been deposited at SOAS in London, and I have posted elsewhere a list of that material.

The radio programmes are posted here with the permission of the BBC World Service."

Andrew Whitehead