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From IMDb: "Shaheed is a Nationalist film set in the context of the Quit India Movement and the ensuing wave of terrorist actions in the mid 1940s. Ram (Dilip Kumar) is the nationalist son of the colonial Rai Bahadur Dwarkadas (Chandramohan). He leaves home against his father's wishes to join a freedom fighters group.... His childhood sweetheart Sheela (Kamini Kaushal) repeatedly protects him from being caught. She is however forced to marry the evil policeman Vinod who in turn lets her brother Gopal free and promises to save Ram's life...In the end accused of terrorist activities, Ram is defended in court by his now repentant father but is found guilty and eventually hanged. Sheela dies as well and is reunited with Ram in death."

Ramesh Saigal
Hindi, English Subtitles
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January, 1948