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The Weary Generations

Hussein, Abdullah
The University of Michigan
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From Google Books: "The Weary Generations, a bestseller in the Indian subcontinent since publication in the 1960s, appears here in English for the first time, translated by the author from the original Urdu. This classic novel was the first to depict in fiction the struggle of the people of India against the British Raj. Naim, the son of a peasant farmer, loses an arm fighting for the British during the First World War and is decorated for his bravery. But his faith in the Raj has been shattered and on his return to his village in northern India he joins the newly formed Congress Party and later the Muslim League, eventually being incarcerated for his political activities. He marries Azra, daughter of a wealthy landowner, but the marriage of this couple from very different social backgrounds proves impossible to sustain, thus mirroring the union between the British Empire and its Indian subjects. Finally, Naim's hopes for a united India are swept away after Independence in 1947 when his Muslim family is forced to migrate to newly created Pakistan."