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Apostles of Transformation: Anthology of Muslim Women Trailblazers in India

Akhtarul Wasey
Juhi Gupta
Peter Lang, Oxford
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This book brings together an impressive collection of meticulously collected articles on the lives and accomplishments of Muslim women icons of India. The present-day India has witnessed Muslim women trailblazers establishing their names in the field of arts, science, politics, social activism and literature. They have become scientists and engineers of ISRO, pioneers of frontier research in science and technology, artists and singers. Even medieval and colonial India has its own share of extraordinary Muslim women legends. They have ruled empires, been unbiased chroniclers of history, lent their mind and effort to the Freedom Movement and been unsung heroines of Women's emancipation, specifically, Muslim girls' education. Muslim women writers have enriched Indian, Urdu Bangla and English literature. Their progressive writings have touched on varied topics such as social unrest, female sexuality, gender issues, class conflicts, effects of Partition and the female experience. This work coalesces the stories of Muslim women achievers, their contribution to society and highlights their undeniable role in human progress. Diverse, well-researched and inspiring, it is a must-read for all, especially the younger generation. The book is a must-read for understanding Muslim Women's History in India