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Bangladesh War of Independence: A Moral Issue

In 1971, the Bengalis of East Pakistan had to stand up against the West Pakistani military junta's indiscriminate attacks and declare independence. However, until today, the Pakistani government has not apologised for its crimes against humanity and there are a small number of people in Bangladesh who do not consider the crackdown on 25 March 1971 a wrongful act. It seems that some people of the country are still not sure about how to characterise the liberation war of Bangladesh. This article distinguishes and separates the meanings of two behavioural actions – a political action and a moral action. These two types of actions have been examined here in terms of Bangladesh's socio-political history.

Mokerrom Hossain
Economic and Political Weekly Vol. 44, No. 5 (Jan. 31 - Feb. 6, 2009), pp. 26-29 (4 pages)