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"Partition of India and the refugee resettlement in West Dinajpur district (1947-2011): A historical study"

The objective of this study were to determine the existing conditions of the refugees in the West Dinajpur district in West Bengal, India, and their grievances towards the central and state government of India and the demographic change which had a severe impact on the society and economy of West Dinajpur District from 1947-2011. The other objectives of this study are as follows. To study the history of refugee resettlement programme in West Dinajpur. To asses the origin of the Refugee problem, it’s nature, characteristics and development. To identify the developmental projects initiated by the Central Government, State Government and the Local Self government. To study the Rehabilitation programme in West Dinajpur and its impact on society. Quantitative approach was chosen for the research study. The research design used for the study was exploratory survey design. The study consist with personal interview of 120 sample refugees. The data was collected by administering structured questionarie to 120 sample refugees. The questionaries consist of two partsparts. Section-A and Section-B, Section-A consist with demographic data and Section-B consist with personal experience, their emotions, feelings and their grievances. The other sources from where the data was collected was the district census handbook, letters and paintings by locals, Gazetteer, official records etc.

Chhotan Basak
History Journal