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Historicizing Pakistan’s Kashmir Policy

This article makes an historical analysis of Pakistani Kashmir policy between 1947-88. Besides providing a synoptic view of the Kashmir policies, pursued by various regimes in Pakistan both civilian and military also provides a thorough insight into all the major developments concerning Kashmir dispute as well as the responses of Pakistani governments’ visà- vis these developments. It contextualizes these main planks of Pakistan’s Kashmir policy by situating historical factors which invariably shaped its main contours. The last portion of this article analyses this policy by isolating discernable trends largely shaped by extraneous factors which subsequently limitized the options and choices before our policy makers. Consequently, these factors led to the failure of Kashmir policy in terms of realization of its main objectives by reducing it merely to rhetorics. The recurrent theme of this article is that Pakistan’s Kashmir policy remained consistent i.e. focused on resolution of Kashmir dispute through the UN resolution.

Irfan Waheed Usmani
The Historian, Volume 3 July-December 2005 Number 2