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The partition of india and its reflections in the select english and hindi novels A comparative study

The present research study, The Partition of India and Its Reflections in The newlineSelect English and Hindi novels: A Comparative Study, aims at studying in a newlinecomparative method, partition novels, written in two different languages i.e. English newlineand Hindi written by different authors. newlineThe partition of Indian sub-continent is a momentous event that had political, newlinesocial, cultural, religious, economic and human impacts on the people and the subcontinent. newlineEven today the impressions of those events are noticeable on minds of newlinethose who experienced or witnessed them. Partition is complicated phenomenon. It newlinewas a political decision creating communal frenzy which let to the disaster of the newlinesub-continent. The disaster is perceptible through the atrocities of various types newlineduring the compelled mass migrations. The chaos and mismanagement during the newlinesituation made people suffer like anything. They became victims of communal frenzy newlineand lost their property, relatives, identity and much more. newlineThe present research aims at a comparative study of select partition novels, newlinei.e. Khushwant Singh s Train to Pakistan(1956), Chaman Nahal s Azadi(1975), newlineBhishma Sahni s Tamas(1987), and Rahi Msoom Reza s Adha Gaun(1966). These newlinenovels have been written by writers belonging to different religions, regions and newlinecultures. They have been written in different languages i.e. English and Hindi. They newlinehave been published during different decades of post-partition times. The writer s newlinemind-set is a product of society and his background. Thus, the said writers ways of newlinedealing with the theme of partition, in the said novels, are likely to be different from newlineeach other. The comparative study of selected English novels and Hindi novels newlinetreating the same theme i.e. the theme of partition brings forth the similarities and newlinedissimilarities in their treatment of the same theme and their way of looking at the newlinepartition trauma. Thus, it gives a comprehensive idea about the partition of Indian newlinesub-continent as delineated by the select writers in select novels.

Jadeja Kuldipsinh Dilipsinh
Mewar University