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Gandhi in London

James D. Hunt
Promilla & Co.
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From Amazon.com: "Mahatma Gandhi, educated in the new English-language schools of Kathiawar, came to believe wholeheartedly that Indians should become like Englishmen. At 18,he went to the heart of Empire for his professional training, and thus began a lifelong relationship with London. This book provides a fully documented study of each Gandhi's visits to London, which extended from 1888 to 1931, a period of 43 years. Based on fresh research in the archives of London, Oxford, New Delhi, and Ahmedabad, it provides a totally new portrait for his activities and associates in the capital, from his student days to his final triumph as a delegate to the Round Table Conference in 1931. Full analyses are also made of three lesser known visits in 1906, 1909 and 1914, which shed light on the progress of his work in South Africa. The political and cultural milieu of Gandhi's London is fully described, yielding new perspective on his political and philosophical development. His initial fascination with England became articulated in a political strategy based on alliances with Imperialists. Later, stimulated in part by his close study of the moral critiques of Western civilization, he renounced London and all she stood for his famous manifesto, Hind Swaraj, or Indian Home Rule. A revision of his now-standard study of Mahatma Gandhi's life and work in London on all five occasions from 1888 to 1931, updated to incorporate scholarly publications and the author's own research since 1976. More useful than ever as a detailed guide to his life and work in the capital of the Empire. An important contribution to Gandhi biography and the history of the Indian Independence Movement."