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End of the Postcolonial State

Faisal Devji
Economic & Political Weekly

Much of the scholarship on Bangladesh’s founding places it within a narrative of repetition. It either repeats the partitions of 1905 or 1947 or the creation of India and Pakistan as postcolonial states. This paper argues instead for the novelty of Bangladesh’s creation against the postcolonial state, suggesting that it opened up a new history at the global level in which decolonisation was replaced by civil war as the founding narrative for new states.

Politics and Aesthetics: Partitions and Partitioning in Contemporary Art

Jonathan Owen Clark
João Lima Duque
Contemporary Aesthetics

Jacques Rancière defined the "distribution of the sensible" as the effect of a type of aesthetico-political decision-making that creates a partitioning of the realm of the perceivable in relation to both art and society.

Living Together Separately: Cultural India in History and Politics

Mushirul Hasan
Asim Roy
Oxford University Press

Shifting paradigms politics of authorial representation of the partition of India in novels in English

Anindya Bhattacharya
University of North Bengal

Communal politics in Kanpur (1919- 1947)

Bhupender Yadav
Jawaharlal Nehru University

Histories of Victimhood

Steffen Jensen
Henrik Ronsbo
University of Pennsylvania Press

Muslim politics in the Punjab 1919 to 1947

Anju Khanna
Maharshi Dayanand University

In the present work, it is my endeavour to discuss the growth of the Muslim politics in the Punjab from 1919 to 1947. The study of this period forms an important and interesting subject of research for a variety of reasons. The period from 1919 to 1947 marks an important phase in the history of the Punjab. At the close of the World War I in 1919, the Punjab was passing through a very critical period. The passage of the MontaguChelmsford Reforms, the Rowlatt Bills and Jallianwala Bagh tragedy created anarchy in the province.

Legislative politics in pre partition Bengal 1937 to 1947

Jahanara Begum
University of Calcutta