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Problems of Violence, States of Terror: Torture in Colonial India

Anupama Rao
Taylor and Francis Online

Abstract: The 'discovery' of torture and its prevalence in the extraction of confessions produced a dilemma for the colonial state in India. Especially with the publication of the two-volume Report of the Commissioners for the Investigation of Alleged Cases of Torture in the Madras Presidency in 1855, colonial administrators became uncomfortably aware of the contrived nature of the 'truth' produced before magistrates and the police.

Kashmiriyat as Empty Signifier

Neil Aggarwal
Taylor and Francis Online

Abstract: The disputed status of Jammu and Kashmir represents the unfinished business of the Partition of India and Pakistan. This essay examines how claims to Kashmir by India, Pakistan, the All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) and the Kashmiri Pandits influence usage of the term ‘Kashmiriyat’ (i.e. the ethos of being Kashmiri). The term is frequently invoked with inconsistent meaning. Kashmiriyat is analysed, through linguistic and semiotic theories of the ‘empty signifier’, to identify which groups are present and absent within sociopolitical discourses.

The Persistence of Partitions: A Study of the Sindhi Hindus in India

Rita Kothari
Taylor and Francis Online

Abstract: This essay is based on my engagement with the Sindhi-speaking Hindu minority of Sindh that migrated to India in and around 1947, when the province of Sindh became a part of Pakistan. It privileges therefore a specific religious group and its response and negotiation to a specific moment. My current research on Sindhi-speaking Muslims along the border interrogates the classification of ‘Sindhis’ as a spatially fixed identity, and revisits the state-endorsed premises of irrevocability and border-formation.

Image And Representation: Stories Of Muslim Lives In India

Mushirul Hasan
M. Asaduddin
Oxford University Press

Personal and National Destinies in Independent India: A Study of Selected Indian English Novels

Rositta Joseph Valiyamattam
Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Visual Histories: Photography in the Popular Imagination

Malavika Karlekar
Oxford University Press

Impact of Hindu Culture on Muslims

Mohsen Saeidi Madani
South Asia Books

Mapping Histories: Essays Presented to Ravinder Kumar

Neera Chandoke
Anthem Press

Calcutta: The Stormy Decades

Tanika Sarkar
Sekhar Bandopadhyay
Social Science Press

The Integration of the Indian States : The Untold Story?

Jilian Martin
Clayton, Vic. : Monash Publications in History, Dept. of History, Monash University