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Post-memory and the third generation’s inheritance of the Indian partition (1947): A comparative study of the linguistic register across spatial axes

Avishek Ray
Sage Journals

The experience of the Partition (1947)—the contexts of migration and the experience of refugeehood—in East-India is assumed to be different from that in the West. But, even after some 70 years after the Partition, there has been no substantial study on the difference in the ontology of refugeehood across the two sites. More to it, narratives from the North-east (Meghalaya, Assam, Tripura), which again differ significantly from their western Indian or West Bengali counterparts, are under-represented in the existing database of oral narratives and ethnographies on the Partition.

South Asian Digital Humanities: Postcolonial Mediations across Technology’s Cultural Canon

Roopika Risam
Rahul K. Gairola