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1947 Partition

Chester 1947 Partition: Drawing the Indo-Pakistani Boundary

Lucy Chester
American Diplomacy

A commentary and analysis of the 1947 Partition from Dr. Chester. "Drawing from her dissertation, she considers here the background to timely questions associated with the Kashmir dispute. She raises the policy question of partition as a tool for crisis management or resolution, and she provides useful historical evidence for scholars wishing to draw contemporary lessons."

The National Archives: The Punjab Boundary Force 1947

The National Archive

"From an India Office Military Department file. Report on the operations of the Punjab Boundary Force by its Commander, Major-General T W Rees. The Punjab Boundary Force was formed in a largely vain attempt to control and prevent communal warfare between Sikhs and Muslims in the Punjab at the time of the partition of British India into the two independent states of India and Pakistan. It operated 1 Aug - 1 Sep 1947."

India Relief and Education Fund: Partition - The Great Migration

Margaret Bourke-White
India Relief and Education Fund

From their Resource Center on South Asian History, "South Asia has suffered from several mis-portrayals that have reduced the understanding of its historical development to the spiritual realm, whereas in fact, the region has made several contributions in the areas of science, technology, art and literature, and prior to the colonial period, it was a major world supplier of high quality pre-industrial manufactures. Here are links to various articles covering different period of its history."

The Making of Exile: Sindhi Hindus and the Partition of India

Nandita Bhavnani
Westland and Tranquebar Press

Don't break up India : a biography of Shaheed Sardar Nanak Singh, 1903-1947

Rupinder Singh
Milima Dayal
Sun House

"India: a people partitioned" (BBC Radio Documentaries)

Andrew Whitehead

From Website: " In 1997, after four years as a BBC correspondent based in Delhi, I had the enviable opportunity of making a radio series for the BBC World Service to mark the fiftieth anniversary of India's and Pakistan's independence. India: a people partitioned sought to be a social history of Partition: not about the high politics of independence, nor about the British Raj and those who upheld it, but about the lived experience of the millions who were caught up in the Partition whirlwind.

South Asia Citizens Web: Linking Dissent in South Asia and Beyond since 1998


The South Asian Citizens Web “aims to promote dialogue and information exchange between and about South Asian citizens initiatives.” It features resources and articles on the 1947 Partition of India.


July, 1998
Deepa Mehta

Forgotten Atrocities: Memoirs of a Survivor of the 1947 Partition of India

Bal K. Gupta