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The Economic History of India 1857-1947

Tirthankar Roy
Oxford University Press
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"This book presents a comprehensive account of the structural changes in India's economy initiated by colonial rule and globalization. It provides an understanding of the country's political and economic transition as it evolved into a stable democratic state. Capturing a crucial time span of 90 years, it attempts to connect present-day economic trends in India in the context of the country's economic history. The book broadly covers: transition to colonialism-impact on education, law, business organization, and land rights trends in macroeconomic aggregates-national income, population, labour, savings, and investment; major sectors of development-agriculture, mining, industry, infrastructure, banking, and trade; and economic change in India post-Independence. Reader-friendly and accessible, the third edition offers clearly-defined concepts, wider coverage of themes with a brief overview of post-Independence developments in India, and explanatory tools like reading suggestions, glossary, tables, figures, boxes, and illustrations. It will be an indispensible resource book for undergraduate students and teachers of economic history."