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Partition: A Divided Legacy

Prof. H. S. Chandalia (Author), Dr. Manoj Kumar (Author)
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Partition: A divided Legacy is an exploration of the texts in a number of languages which aimed at depiction of a terrible human tragedy which divided people of one nationality and culture into two only on religious basis. Many scholars and political thinkers have criticized this decision. The immense human loss and suffering caused by the partition became a nightmare of Indian freedom struggle. The dawn of independence was overshadowed with dark clouds of communal hatred and violence. In fact, many people in India believe that the seeds of communal tensions that country faces today were sown in partition itself. This book is an attempt to bring together at one place the latest scholarship available on the subject. The contributors in this book are serious scholars who chose to write their papers in order to analyze those creative works which depicted one or the other aspect of partition. The purpose of bringing out this volume is simply the fact that there is a possibility of multiple points of views on this topic. As one proceeds with the reading of these articles, S/he comes across different narratives which help in a proper study of this important historical occurrence in Indian History.