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Mapping Indian Diaspora : Contestations and Representations

Ajaya K. Sahoo
Rawat Publications
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This book deals with an important issue in the contemporary world-i.e., the Indian Diaspora-at a time when India is emerging as a global economic and geo-political power. The Indian Diaspora today numbers around 28 million, has a presence in nearly every part of the world and, most importantly, has a distinct identity, one that can be contrasted to other major diasporas, such as the Chinese and the Armenians. The relationship of diasporic Indians with their homeland is getting stronger as a result of the revolution in faster information and communication technologies. At the same time, the Indian Government has been encouraging linkages of diasporic Indians with India in a variety of ways. This book will be useful to sociologists, as well as scholars working in the fields of anthropology, political science, geography, history, literary, ethnic and migration studies