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The Untold Story: Post-Partition Pakistani Holocaust And After

J.L. Azad
Anmol Publications
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The book gives an eye-witness account of the traumatic events that preceded and followed the partition of the country in a small village, Makhdumpur, in Pakistan. Built around the life story of the author and starting with the description of peaceful village life, it wades through the labyrinthine depths of human bestiality leading to wanton killings of the Hindus soon after partition. The book is divided into three parts. The First Part describes the peaceful village life; the religious and social functions and the problems of education and employment of the author. The Second Part recounts the dreadful post-partition events that culminated into what the author has chosen to call 'Fratricide'. The most poignant aspect of the narration is the description of the manner in which the author could overcome the shattering mental and psychological conflict. In this context, he has discussed the mystery of life and death in the light of profound thought enshrined in the Gita and other scriptures. The Third Part gives an interesting description of the post-partition events, which include an insight into the working of the Government particularly of the Planning Commission, and the academic bodies with which the author was associated. The Epilogue, contains the author's personal experiences and perceptions, his faith and beliefs and the principles, which he has attempted to adhere to in life, including his views about some of the significant problems of Indian education.