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Partition of India: Postcolonial Legacies

Amit Ranjan
Routledge India
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The Partition of British India in 1947 set in motion events that have had far-reaching consequences in South Asia – wars, military tensions, secessionist movements and militancy/terrorism. This book looks at key events in 1947 and explores the aftermath of the Partition and its continued impact in the present-day understanding of nationhood and identity. It also examines the diverse and fractured narratives that framed popular memory and understanding of history in the region. https://www.routledge.com/Partition-of-India-Postcolonial-Legacies/Ranjan/p/book/9780367732509?gclid=CjwKCAjwsNiIBhBdEiwAJK4khlpgSM1VmXQ6-uaoM2vZ1uTsADmNYInkj5-16lQJcrQVHzoDX0f59BoCXCgQAvD_BwE