Friends of The Archive

Current friends:

Lata Krishnan (Gold level - Decade friend)
Sanjeev Bikhchandani (Gold level - Decade friend)

How does it work?

Friends of The Archive help enable story collection by bringing their local communities together to raise much needed financial and other support for The 1947 Partition Archive.  To join us as an Archive friend, host a small gathering at your home or another venue.  Rally your friends and family in support of stories.  Recording, archiving, managing and preserving stories takes resources. Our work is made possible entirely by support from donors in the community, and you can help bring them together! 

Here are a few ideas for gathering your community and joining us as a Friend of The Archive:

  • Host a story screening at your home or office (we provide the materials)
  • Host an informal dinner at your home
  • Host a talent show or other performance
  • Host a benefit concert
  • Host an art sale
  • Host an Iftar gathering

Or, name your idea!  There are many creative ways to bring your friends and family together for this cause. Simply send an email to and tell us you are interested in becoming a "Friend of The Archive."  We'll schedule a call with you and help you get started on your idea!

Friends of The Archive Levels

Annual Friends in 2016 (recognized for one year on our website)

  • Gold - $5000 total raise 
  • Silver - $2500
  • Friend - $1000
  • Youth - $500 (ages 27 and under)

Decade Friends (recognized for 1 decade)

  • Platinum - $100,000
  • Gold - $50,000
  • Silver - $25,000
  • Basic - $10,000
  • Youth - $5,000 (ages 30 and under)

Forever Friends (recognized forever on our website)

  • $250,000 - total raise